Digital Fundraising

Rapid innovation in an increasingly connected society is transforming the way in which we live, work, and play and yet there has been very little change in funding solutions for social causes — until now.

Conscience Entertainment Group has spent the past several years extensively researching, testing and developing social media marketing strategies. These strategies are tried, tested and proven to bring the best results for campaigns in the social commerce space. Today, we stand as an authority in this field, strategically harnessing the beaming potential of social fundraising. On-line social fundraising is growing rapidly by over $300 million each month in the U.S. and we know why.  We have an extensive knowledge of all cutting-edge digital fundraising platforms, social media tools and social media marketing tactics, so we understand the tools that will be most suitable for your non-profit’s individual needs.

Far more important than what you say on your own social channels is what everyone else says about you. The single most valuable commodity in marketing is a friend-to-friend endorsement, and the primary marketing goal of non-profit organizations should, be to generate millions or even billions of these endorsements.

In generating mass digital chatter, the chatter must start with the tiers of influencers (friends) serving key leadership roles in real world social ecosystems. Social media superstars have engagement rates upwards of 50,0000 x higher than well-known celebrity’s, and—when connected to each other’s networks—they are the most powerful vehicle for igniting broad-based chatter.

CEG uses highly trained influencer specialists—paired with proprietary software—to achieve impressions that exceed paid media impressions, dollar for dollar with record high engagement levels.

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 Infographics courtesy of Millennial Impact Report 2013