Social Influencer Outreach

Far more important than what you say on your own social channels is what everyone else says about you. The single most valuable commodity in social fundraising is a friend-to-friend endorsement, and a primary goal of non-profit organization should be to generate as many of these friend-to-friend endorsements as possible.

In generating mass digital chatter, the chatter must start with the tiers of influencers serving key leadership roles.  CEG will connect your organization with social media superstars, key influencers.  Key influencers these days have engagement rates of 1,000 times  to 50,0000 times higher than many well-known celebrity’s, and—when connected to each other’s networks—they are the most powerful vehicle for igniting broad-based chatter.

Our Process:

  • Cultivating multi-tiered networks, aka key influencers and influencer circles
  • Customized content precisely vetted to exact target demographics to ensure; (1) on-brand messaging, (2) elongation of conversations, and (3) connecting networks to one another
  • CEG uses influencer relationships and tried and tested strategies—paired with proprietary software—to identify the best tiers of influencers for your organization’s messaging and campaign elements. Within each circle we combine all three different tiers, creating chatter among and between them

We make sure that the social media sharing is easy. We create photo opportunities and creative messaging for the key influencers that then get retweeted and shared by followers because they want to feel attached to the social chatter. We turn social media posts and campaign activations in to blogger content